Where's Bucky? - The Rules


Bucky is the Iowa Geocaching mascot. You may have seen him on the IGO logo, t-shirts, cookbook covers, geocoins and pathtags. Now he is a game piece. Actually he is six game pieces. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) Can you find all six Buckys?

Bucky’s goal is to be discovered, and if you like, try and solve his puzzle.

The code stamped on Bucky’s tag will be your key to solving the puzzle.

There is a physical cache at this location to get your smiley, but inside the container is a clue for the seventh cache. You must find all 6 Bucky caches to get to number 7.


Bucky can change hands multiple times but only if asked for. So remember, the idea is to not let other cachers see you hand him over. This would encourage people meeting people at events, and trying to solve where he is.


If you do not want to find the cache, but would like to discover Bucky, you can do that also, but please let the holder know. Let’s try to keep the key codes only to the holder’s advantage.


Bucky wants to go to IGO’s annual event-N-Seek on September 20th, 2013 at Fontana Park, at which time if he is returned to headquarters a prize will be awarded to the final holder. 


If for some reason you cannot attend, try to make arrangements so he can make it home safely,


Have fun and please remember if you find Bucky only trade him hand to hand at events. If someone asks you if you have the correct color Bucky you must hand him over. But remember to leave clues to who has him on your log. Please try to update his location on the IGO website in the forums.


Remember this is a Game so have fun and see if you can get them all...


The rules are simple:

  • Please keep his code private
  • Only trade when asked “have you seen (color) Bucky?”
  • If you have traded him only give clues to who may have him.
  • After you trade him still record it on forums to put people on the right track.
  • Multiple trades are encouraged at events but be careful catchers are watching.


1. Find, record, log your trade on IGO forums

2. Discover, and solve puzzle if you like.

3. Return to or make arrangements to get him to hike-n-Seek for a prize.

Most of all, this should be fun, So let’s keep Bucky moving and not hold him to long so everyone can play.

Clues to the sixth and final Bucky will be in each cache.

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