10 years and 1000 finds

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Just my recent log on my 1000th find figured I would share it here also.

10 years and 6 days ago when I went out and found my first cache 1000 finds seemed out of the question but here I sit logging my 1000th.  I find it almost unbelievable to see what this game has transformed into in just 10 short years.  As I think back there have been many memorable caches but what really comes to mind is the great places I've seen and cachers I have met.  Although I'm thankful for all I've met the ones that have been there placing hides for me and running around the woods with me sense the beginning  are the ones I am going to mention here.  Maggie (god rest her sole) for the love of a good multi. Mark for hauling me all over the place.  Nathan for showing me all the little parks and public areas close to home I had no idea existed.  Jay for making me realize that sometimes the shortest route isn't the best route.  And lastly my wife and family for putting up with me running all over the place use multi-million dollar government satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.  Sorry for rambling on and thanks for another memorable cache.