ACE Caches anyone???

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This is a carry over topic from the "Caching resolutions for 2014" forum that was started by iowaPete.  I have made some changes to a series of caches I started, that emphasize creating T1 caches that are wheelchair accessible and fun and challenging for everyone.  I changed the series name from "DH" Series to the ACE (Accessible Caches for Everyone) Series.  I am glad I was able to keep my current caches in the series as they were and was able to just change the names.  So here's my discussion topic.  Does anyone else want to create an ACE Cache and add it to the series?  I am willing to keep track of owners and series numbers so there isn't any overlapping, just let me know and I will let you know the next available number in the series so you can rename an existing cache or create a new cache to keep it growing.  Please let me know what you think.