Anamosa Area - Caches not being maintained - New caches

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I have be in Anamosa for about little over 2 years now, and I have been placing several new caches. I have been told that Anamosa has been know for being a dead spot for caches. I am hopefully bringing some new life to this area with the help from other local cachers. But there is issue with several caches in Anamosa and some outside Anamosa where the owner has not been active for several years now and most of the caches need maintaince. I have notified Geocaching (new local reviewer) about this issue and they have stated that we can not just disable a cache because of the owner is not active or in the area anymore. Other cachers included myself have been maintaining these caches, and not to long ago one cache was finally archived and another cacher replaced in the same spot but they are the owner. This issue needs to be addressed but unknown how, according to Geocaching they do not condon other cachers maintaining caches, only thing that will start the process of archiving the cache needs to MIA or reports from land owners etc that the cache needs to be moved.  I am pretty sure the is not the only place this happens but just wanted to direction or thoughts.  Also thank you all they have been in the Anamosa area finding the new caches, I have been busy creating new caches. I do have a few more still in the shop being created and will be put out soon.....