BOD Elections

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Hill Folk-Twila
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If you or someone you know would like to have the opportunity to serve on the IGO BOD, please contact a nomination committee person. 

As per our by-laws:

"The nominating committee shall exist to identify candidates for election to the Board of Directors, assembling a slate of director candidates to be elected by the full membership.  They shall oversee the voting and election procedures for new members of the Board. This committee can include members who are not directors."
Article VI COMMITTEES Section 6.7.3

We will accept applications until 11:59pm, Thursday, August 1, to give the nominations committee the time to review applications, contact potential candidates, and give the Secretary time to post the slate of eligible candidates. 

Committee members are bjcheryl, ccwelch, digger9, 24hawki, Summit Dweller, and Hill Folk.