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Hi All!

I am looking into the possibility of having a FM event followed by a tour at the Brucemore mansion. I also have a cache at this location (GC4154J), so it would be a 2 smiley opportunity for those who haven't completed that cache. I have been talking with the staff at Brucemore about the possibility of having this, and it sounds like it might be doable. Not only that, but a private tour for us. In order to determine the cost per person, I am putting a feeler out to see if there would be any interest to begin with. For those who have not gone on this tour, it is amazing! I know the tour lasts 60-90 mins depending on the tour that we get/do. I am really hoping that we can get a nice big group to do this and give a little money back to the community after Brucemore has been very welcoming to us geocachers by letting us have a cache on their property, helped place the stages for the caches and also purchased the pathtag for the final. The other good thing is that they would be willing to probably do this on a Saturday as well to accommodate people coming from out of town.  It you could post if you would have any interest in something like this, that would be great!

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