Caching Resolutions for 2014? Let's Hear About 'Em!

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Another year in the books.  It was quite a wild ride for me.  I hope you all had some success and enjoyed another year's worth of good memories.  I was pleased with the goals I set for myself and was able to accomplish MOST of them.  The one that most of caching buddies remembered was my quest for the 4000th find in 2013.  I fell short by less than 50, but I gave it the old college try!   I got to be more involved with Hike-n-Seek in 2013, and more involved with IGO.  I met new cachers this year, helped a couple newbies get their feet under them and got out on the trails with some of my good friends.  I spent some quality 1-on-1 time with Mrs. iowaPete and each of my daughters at a variety of caching locations. Even spent a family weekend up in Milwaukee that involved a little caching.  I paddled a river with 3 others this summer and filled my Fizzy grid, not once, but twice.  I found the oldest cache in Iowa and the oldest cache in Indiana.  I helped my daughters add a blue layer onto the world's largest ball of paint for our 3000th find.  I helped my best friend put out a series of caches that STILL has me shaking my head.  The GMen series was an incredible undertaking.  I kept thinking it couldn't be done, but BigBrotherBear just knew there was an opportunity to create a new series that raises the bar once again.

This year, I'm gonna throttle back on the cache chasing a bit.  I think finding our 5000th cache this year is quite possible, so we'll strive for that.  I have also hidden/hosted 92 caches/events.  I have an idea for another cluster of caches to place.  I hope to cross the 100 hide plateau before the year is out.

But, my main goal for 2014 is to cache with friends. I hope to cache with at least 20 other cachers at different times throughout the year.  I hope that 5 of them are cachers that I've never walked a trail with in the past. And I hope that it is the beginning of 5 friendships that will last beyond 2014.  If the new year is anything like 2013, I'm gonna enjoy it IMMENSELY!!

So let's hear what you have in mind for the new year.  Goals? Desires? Hopes?  It's a fresh, clean slate with literally millions of opportunities for all of us!

Be safe out there.  AND ENJOY!!!