Digger9 talks to a metal detector club

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My neighbor, Kim Long, was recently elected as president of Cedar Valley Research and Recovery. This is a metal detector club based out of Cedar Rapids Iowa. He asked me if I would be interested in being a guest speaker at one of their meetings. I said I would, and that January would work. How ironic is it that Groundspeak's January newsletter was about metal detecting.


Being armed with some info to compare our hobby and theirs we headed to their meeting on January 8th. As we sat there listening to the business portion of the meeting, I found it interesting that there were several things similar to our meetings.  As the motion was made to adjourn that section of the meeting, it was my turn to talk.


During my speech I told them how and when caching started. I also told them some basics on containers, cache types, and rules, adding a few personal experiences. I showed them a few travel bugs, geocoins and pathtags. I shared some of the similarities between Geocaching and metal detecting from the article on www.kellycodetectors.com, and closed with a question and answer period.


It was nice to visit with some of those folks after the meeting while I was putting my stuff away. Kim said the group was smaller than usual, but most of them seemed interested in what we do.


If you recently purchased a metal detector, or are thinking about it, this would be a great group of folks to talk to. They can be found at http://cedarvalleymetaldetecting.com/Home.php