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I received an email yesterday from a friend who is planning a Cub Scout "camporee" this fall.  He is looking for someone to setup and run a geocaching station.  I put him in contact a few local Scout leaders that I know do some geocaching, none were available.  

So...is anyone willing and availble to setup and run a simple geocaching station:

  • Where: FW Kent Park - near Tiffin
  • When: Sat Oct 5th, stations open 1p - 6p, 45 minute rotation
  • Ages: First grade through 5th grade (about age 7-11)
  • How Many: They are expecting about 250 kids, divided into 6 groups of 40-ish
  • Support: There will be plenty of parents to keep the boys on task
  • Budget: They have a small budget for swag
  • GPS: They have two of the ISU Extension office kits (10 GPS each)
  • Format: I discussed with Steve how the station might work.  We decided on 6-8 "trails" with 3 caches each.  THe group of 40-ish will get split into smaller groups and each smaller group sent down a different trail.

This is an opportunity to expose a lot of kids to geocaching.  Who is available to lead, or help with, this event?




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