Experience with Iowa DNR Yearly Expiration???

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So I am plotting some of my first hides and am definitely excited to offer something back to the GC community, however, some of my planned hides are on Iowa State Parks and once I found the below ruling, I am now unsure.  Does anyone have any experience with this if they enforce it and if any CO's have moved a cache yearly?

"4. The permit application must be on an approved form provided by the DNR and will include the following written information: name, address and telephone number of the placer of the geocache. It must also show the exact location both in GPS X and Y coordinates and written description or map of the placement site. Regardless of the issuance date, permits expire annually on March 31. After that date, the geocache must be moved and a new location permit issued or removed from the premises. The Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to terminate this approval for placement of a geocache container on state land for any reason at any time."