Explaining Geocaching to Muggles

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I had a terrific experience last weekend.  I was hiking a trail out to a cache I wanted to find, and passed by a couple who were also out enjoying the weather and walking the trail.  I could tell by the pace involved that I would get to the cache, hopefully make the find, and reappear on the trail about the same time as the couple.

That's what happened, and they were wondering why I left the trail so abruptly and was I okay? I came clean and explained geocaching to them.  This was an out-n-back trail and we were near the end, so we retraced our steps together and I had their full attention for about 15 minutes.  When we got to the trail head, I remembered another cache being hidden under the trail bridge.  I showed them THAT cache as well.  We chatted for a few more minutes, then they took the right fork in the trail toward their car. I took the left fork back to my truck.

I downloaded the coords for the next cache.  When I drove to the next parking area, there were my new friends! They were just getting back to their vehicle. I rolled down the window and said, "Hey, there's another one near here.  You wanna come along and find this one too?"  They readily agreed.  I handed the gps over to Jeremy and let him guide our group to gz.  Then, I explained what was needed to find the cache (Look around you, and decide where YOU might hide a cache).  It only took a couple minutes, but they managed to find it.  I was lucky that all 3 caches were findable AND in good condition.  They were definitely enthousiastic. The kinds of questions they asked were the ones asked by people who want to know more.

I wished I had some kind of information sheet to pass to them so that they could learn more. This isn't the first time it's happened to me.  Do any of you expert cachers have some kind of written card or sheet for muggles who happen upon you while you're caching?

I think I'd like to add something like this to my cache bag.  I can sit down and create one, but I was wondering if any of you have already created a list like this.