GC2QYBD WWFM VIII The Art of Flashing

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GC2QYBD WWFM VIII The Art of Flashing

GC2QYBD, WWFM VIII in downtown Des Moines was held at the Pappajohn sculpture park. It was a busy weekend for the city as the Dam to Dam race had been run that same morning so there were plenty of muggles out and about. The weather cooperated, it was an overcast 80 degree day. At noon the blue bucket came out and 78 people and one dog congregated at ground zero. Goody bags were handed out that included markers to sign the WWFM VIII display board and noise makers just in case the crowd wasn't enough to draw attention. This park was a wonderful location for the event. There is ample parking on the streets and on weekends the meters are free. The sculpture park gave people places to sit away from ground zero if they wanted or sculptures to look at if they preferred to wander around. The one piece of art in the park that you are allowed to touch and in fact sit on is called "cafe table I & chairs" and this was ground zero. There is a hill to the South of here that was perfect for the group photo.

Total number in attendance: 78 people, 1 dog
Youngest attendee: 4 months
Two You Tube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqyr0R-95zk by Team Gamsci and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAOCwwcwl2A by JeePSer