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Here's some of my favorite "Tutorials" that I've created...
I thought it would be best to consolidate them and post them here.

* Geocaching 101 (The basics) {Power Point} Created by AB-n-AP HERE
** Geocaching 101 for younger people {Power Point} (.zip file) 4/2/2011 HERE

* Geocaching 201 (Paperless Caching) [Power Point] HERE

* Custom Icons for the Garmin {.pdf} HERE

* Note field Macro for the Garmin {.pdf} HERE

* Creating "My Stats", (using FindStatGen3 & GSAK / Basic) {.pdf} HERE

* Creating "My Stats", (using FindStatGen3 & GSAK / Advanced (includes Stats for your Cache's) {.pdf}HERE

* Creating a "Route" {.pdf} HERE

* How can I make the "10 Year! Event" show as a Cache type (found in my Profile)? {.pdf} HERE

* How can I create a "WINTER" Rating for the Caches that I own?

HERE for .pdf
HERE for .MS Word

* Setting up "Notification(s)" on
12/6/2010 -Includes Cell Phone Notification
HERE for .pdf

* Planning for a day of Caching {.pdf} HERE

* Adding your OWNED Cache Favorites to your Statistics! (12/23/2011) HERE

* Statistics Using GSAK *
COMPLETE 1/24/2012
Creating your Statistics to show:
- Your owned Caches & the Favorites (Points) that they have earned.
- Showing the 10 Year Anniversary (as a Cache Type Found).

* Setting up GSAK for Initial Use* [2/10/2012]
HERE for .MS Word

* Adding a picture to your Cache listing* [3/7/2012]
HERE for .MS Word

* Creating Custom Icons on you Garmin GPS Device* [10/16/2012]
HERE for .MS Word

* Geocaching 101 Presentation* [9/14/2013]
HERE for Power Point Presentation

* Using GSAK to load Waypoints on to your GPS* [6/25/2014]
HERE for .MS Word