A GREAT day in State Center

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I must say, Team Schnauzer knows how to throw a party. On October 5th, 2013 the Schnauzers invited everyone to State Center, Iowa, for a day of food, fellowship, and caching. And boy did people take advantage of the invite. Roughly 80 cachers came to town on a sunny, but chilly day.


The day kicked off with (GC4F1ZK) Rose Capital "Noisy Munching Day" FM, a Flash Mob style event at the “Welcome to State Center” sign by Casey’s. I bet the folks at the pumps wondered what was going on. I personally explained it to a couple fellas. Sounds like the store did a nice bit of business before and after the event. I don’t know what the confusion would have been. There was just a large group of people standing in the ditch, eating potato chips, no big deal right? After the Flash Mob, There was a bit of time to cache before heading to Kauffman Park for (GC4F1YF) Schnauzer's 2nd Annual End-of-Summer Cache Bash.


The Cache Bash Was a great event. Lots of time for visiting with fellow cachers, signing up for door prizes, and checking out the IGO information booth. There were coins and pathtags on display to discover. The pot luck lunch was enjoyed by all, and then a brief talk by IGO board members, Digger9 (Jim), and cjandbjjones (Curt). IGO made a presentation to Swr Rat (Kevin), For a very nice gesture that he did at Hike N seek as he was returning a “Bucky”. Door prize drawings followed IGO’s talk.


Everyone headed outside for a group picture, and the start of the CITO event. A large number of people gave back to the community during (GC4F20C) Rose Capital City Park CITO. The park was pretty clean when we got there, and even cleaner when we left. The CITO went quick as there were many hands helping out. There was a little more time for caching before the final event of the day.


(GC4J5ZN)  The IGO's "Croquet" of Roses Tournament was another one of Jim and Curt’s crazy ideas. We wanted to do something in line with State Center’s theme, The Rose Capitol of Iowa, so with a little play on words, we had our idea. Now, could we get people to put down their GPS, and pick up a mallet? We sure could! 12 teams of 2 took to the 3 croquet fields we had set up in the beautiful Rose Garden. After the rules were read, the games began, with a goal of being one of the top 2 teams from each field, and advance to the finals. The guests that did not want to play could color rose pictures, make duct tape roses, or cheer on the competitors. After the first round was in the books, we had our 6 teams for the championship round. The teams of Muffkin42 X 2, Ham Fan, D900, Mon Rose, GMSNRich, and Cosmic*cachers were ready to battle it out for the trophies. First Place went to Cosmic*Cachers, Second went to GMSNRich, and Third place was Mon Rose. The IGO served up some pizza and breadsticks, and pop for everyone while it lasted. We took a group photo, and everyone was on their way.


Thanks to Josh, Roger, Fritz, and the rest of Team Schnauzer for a great day, and inviting to IGO to take part in it. If you have an event coming up and would like the IGO to be a part of it, let us know. Just grab one of us at an event, and we will see what we can do.