Groundspeak souvenirs 2016

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I'm just curious if anyone has an opinion about this summer's collection of souvenirs now that we are two-thirds through the series? I'm been thinking about this as I was preparing to find the required multicache this weekend and got to thinking... why did they roll them out in the manner that they did? Is there a reason that they did them one at a time like this? I mean, I get the idea of giving premium members an early peek (since they are trying to come up with new ideas to make people want to go premium) but wonder why didn't they drop all of them at once as in previous summers? Were they trying to avoid the new publishes put out specifically to fulfill souvenir requirements? I guess this got me thinking since Groundspeak's idea used to be that they didn't like things that changed people's caching style. It seems that if you have to drive hours out of your way (in some instances) in order to log a cache for a souvenir, that is changing your style. 

Any other opinions? Ideas? I haven't gone to the GC forums to see what is going on there as I haven't ever had much success finding anything except arguments on there.;)