Group trip to "The Siege" (GC1K41Q)

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I've had a few people ask me about the possibility of another group trip to "The Siege" (GC1K41Q).
The latest request came from a Cacher out of Germany!
(Below is the E-mail that he sent me)

I think it's about time to make another group trip "The Siege" (GC1K41Q)!
The weather should be perfect for this.
Plus I think it would be a real honor to join Karsten Rua (mata moana) from Bayreuth Germany for this jouney!

I DON'T have a date or time yet.
I just wanted to let people know that this is in the works.
I'm shooting for Saturday, 19 October 2013 and to meet in the parking area at Noon.

More to follow!

Hello and Greetings from Germany!

I'm planning a Geocaching short trip to Iowa and Nebraska in mid October and
would like to check out <our "The Siege!"- Geocache.
I checked out the trailhead (parking) and the Final at Google Maps. Looks
like that there are no trails. Is it mainly a cross country hike or are
there any hiking trails which lead closer to the Final area.
I will hike alone, but will have a rope and technical climbing equipment
(clamp, harness, Tube, etc.) with me.
Do you have any hints and suggestions regarding this cache? Is it
possible/recommended doing it alone?
Do you know if there is hunting allowed in this area and if yes, is hunting
season in October?

Finally, a general questions to T5 caches in the U.S:
In several T5 caches in Iowa the owner wrote, that a special TOTT is needed.
What does this mean? Will I need a ladder (unfortunately I won't have one
with me) or are those caches also possible with standard climbing equipment.
How does a "Pole TOTT" looks like? Is it like a telesopic pole with a kind
of pliers at the end, or is it just a pole?

Thank you very much in advance for a reply and for your help!

Warm regards,
Karsten Rau
aka mata moana
Bavaria, Germany

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