Guinness Book of World Records Attempt - I380 Litter CleanUp 4/29

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I thought this might be an opprotunity for someone to open a CITO event.

​Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

This year we are participating in an effort to stage the longest continuous litter collection ever!  We are joining our neighbors to clean up the Avenue of the Saints from St. Paul to St. Louis.  Click on the map above to sign up today! 

We provide

Reflective vests, bags and gloves if you need a pair.  We do require that volunteers wear the vests at all times while working along the interstate.

Be prepared

Please dress for the weather, wear work boots and a sturdy pair of work gloves.


Since being on the interstate does involve some risk, we ask that volunteers be at least 17 years old or accompanied by an adult.  Please do not enter the interstate to collect litter without first checking in. If you have a group of younger citizens that would like to get involved, call (319) 286-5897 for more information.