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Im ready to buy a handheld gps, So I can get a new oregon 600 for 199 a new oregon 700 for 399. Is it worth the price difference? I think the wifi updating would be cool, but if I just update all the caches say within 100 miles of my location before I go out, I will see all the recent logs ect on the 600 already.  Is it hard to do a mass update on all the caches around you on a 600? I just plug it in the laptop and hit update basically? Is it hard to load a massive ammount of caches, say I wanted to load all of iowa? Sorry for the newb questions. Just trying to make a decision I wont regret considering one is half the cost of the other.  Any other reason I should consider the 700 over the 600?  Or any other model? Thanks for your input in advance.

Ps- the only other thing this gps will be used for is possibly tracking bike rides/hikes. And marking locations that ive found mushrooms. Maybe I could get buy with a even cheaper gps, But the 600 really looks like the best bang for the buck at the moment. Opinions? Thanks.

PPS- I currently use my cell phone. I do own a megallon meridian. I baught it for about 10$ and it seems to be less accurate then my phone, plus all the cords I have to enter manuallys. Its just a pain in the rear and not worth the effort.