Help Wanted - geocaching at Boy Scout Fall Camporee

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The Hawkeye Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is holding a camporee this fall celebrating the 85 anniversary of their camp.  The camp covers around 200 acres along the Wapsi river near Central City. 

edit: The dates are Oct 7th-9th

Organizers anticipate a thousand-ish people to attend this one-day event.  They have some geocaching Scouters involved already but can always use more help to plan, setup and run the geocaching activities.

This is a great opportunity share your passion of geocaching with a few hundred people - many who have heard of GPS/geocaching but never actually tried it.  Plus, you'll get to hike around an awsome camp in preparation and they'll feed you well.

If you are interested in helping, in any capacity, drop me a note and Ill put you in touch with the folks organizing the geocaching portions.  Best way to contact me is email my geocaching name at

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