Hike N Seek X – Crazy For Caching!

Board members and others have been asked by more than a few participants of the weekend competition how the event was scored. 

The formulas for the scoring are listed below.

The Base Points was based off of the cache’s D/T rating:
            Difficulty  X  Terrain  X  10

The Crazy Point came from attending at least one of 4 events (MHI tour, Depot tour, Mill tour, or the Trackable event).  This gave you a chance to roll one set of 2 Ten sided dice for additional points (0 to 99), for each event you attended.

The Bonus Points was determined by rolling a Four sided dice, to which one of the 4 events you would receive a bonus for.


For example:

Cacher A – went to all 4 events & rolled:                65  72  51  21  3

            Their Crazy Points were:                             ( 65 ) + ( 72 ) + ( 51 X 100 ) + ( 21 )

                                                                              =  5258


Cacher B – went to 3 events & rolled:                     28  81  19  --  4

            Their Crazy Points were:                             ( 28 ) + ( 81 ) + ( 19) + ( 0 X 100  )

                                                                              =  128


Cacher C – went to 1 event & rolled:                      --  99  --  --  2

            Their Crazy Points were:                             ( 0 ) + ( 99 X 100 ) + ( 0 ) + ( 0 )

                                                                              =  9900


 So here is a complete list of cachers and there scores using the above formula.   If a score book was turned in, it was scored.

With that data being shared it was determined that the winners in each division were as follows.


3rd LookitupDKGC
2nd Mole275
1st J,K, &A Higgenbotham

3rd Angel-girl
2nd nin-jon-go
1st Lil wings

3rd cheetohman79
2nd Nascar Joe
1st Borky00



From mid day on Friday until Monday morning there was a broad array of events to participate in.  From meals together to the Hike N Seek event, from the cache in the back corner of the parks to the street corners in town, there were so many places to meet and greet other cachers.  The cachers came from near and far to participate in IGO’s annual event.  Each of us take home memories that are for more detailed than anything I could share here.


Now is the time that we say thank you.  Frankly, the list is so long that I just don’t know how to get a complete list.  Starting at the beginning, thanks to CC and Nathan for hosting the event.  Then, thanks to all cachers that hid caches, assuring that we had new caches to come and find.  Thanks to all the people that stepped up and helped host the side events.  They were the people that we saw as we went from event to event and were there with log sheets and the rub sticks.  Thank you to the people on the sidelines that were support, the IGO store was set up and there was a booth for membership and cookbooks and other geocaching and IGO information.  Thanks to the organizations that were in the back ground, Independence Chamber of Commerce provided information packets, volunteers at the events to let us in, the County Conservation for there part in the weekend.  Last we would like to thank every one that came and enjoyed the weekend.  Clearly, with out our members and friends there would have not have been any EVENT!!!


Hope to see you next year out west!! 



IGO President