Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Merry Christmas!

I'd like to present a little gift to the IGO.  I have the day off from work (a miracle, it's true!) and wanted to do a little something for all my friends in the IGO, especially those with cell phones. 

If you're logged in have a look in the "navigation" box on the left...the one with your username at the top.  If you see "Phone-a-Friend" there about three rows down then it means you have permission to view/download the NEW IGO Phone-a-Friend List!   Woot!

If you don't see this option (or just want to learn more about it) in your menu please don't feel bad.  Just read the rest of this post to find out how you can join this coveted list.

To update your PAF number visit "My Account" then Edit and Profile. Scroll down to the Phone-A-Friend field and update your info there. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

Note that PAF is available to ALL registered IGO members (those of you with web site accounts). If you opt in you should expect to get calls for help from fellow geocachers if/when they need assistance finding one of your caches or a cache that you may have logged in the past.

If you no longer want your phone number to appear in the list simply follow the instructions above and blank it out. You may "opt in" at any time.

Warning! If you provide a bogus phone number or if IGO members report that you have abused this information your IGO web account may be permanently deleted. Participation in this list is entirely optional and abuse will not be tolerated.

IGO maintains this information solely as a convenience for members who wish to participate. If you fear that your phone number might fall into the wrong hands or be abused in any way then please do NOT enter it here. IGO has taken steps to limit this information to confirmed IGO members only. However, IGO cannot guarantee the privacy of this information and will not be responsible for potential abuse of this information by members or other individuals.

Finally, if you would like to "download" the list and take it with you in your cell phone (or whatever), just look for the orange CSV icon at the bottom of the list.  Click it and you should receive the complete list in CSV file format.  Double Woot!