How About your "Ignore List?" Whatcha put on there?

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I asked in a previous thread about your watch list and what kinds of caches you add to it.  There is also an "Ignore" list.  Place a cache on THAT list and it removes it from your views on cache queries and on the smiley map.  Does anybody use this?  What kinds of caches do you put on this?

I tend to like to try and "clean up" an area on the map and fill it with smilies.  I haven't jumped completely into the 21st century for geocaching, so I don't have a gps device that will detect a chirp cache, and I can't do whereigo caches.  For this reason, any chirp or whereigo cache that is located in an area I'm emphasizing, I'll put those caches on the "ignore" list.

Sometimes, I'll "ignore" a cache that I just can't seem to find, no matter how many times I make the attempt. Put it on the ignore list, and I can sleep nights.   I'll also put caches on the ignore list that I just won't ever be able to attempt (too tough terrain or location, can't solve a puzzle, don't have the proper TOTT, can't scuba dive -- you get the idea).