How to Bring the Old Forums to the New Forums

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System Admin here.  In this thread I'm going to attempt to show how one can easily reference an OLD forums thread here in the new forums. 

For demonstration purposes I'm now logged in as a test user TWICE, once to this forum topic, and in another session I'm looking at the OLD forums.  You can do this all from one session, but it's easier with two open.

I've found a topic in the OLD forums that I would like to continue here (just as an example).  So, in my other session (or a previous session) I found a topic (title = COTM banner design) that I would like to bring forward.  In my system I right-click on the title of the topic and select "Copy Link Location".  Then I returned here and just pasted the copied link (below) as you can see.

It's probably a good idea to tag this link with something short and descriptive like this...

OLD forum link:

Our system automatically turns anyting that looks like a valid link into a working link.  Click either of the linked portions of the lines above and you'll see what I mean.

In case you're wondering how I indented those two lines, look for an indent tool (looks like a tiny blue arrow pointing right into a paragraph of text) in the toolbar above this text block and click it while you have the cursor positioned on a line you want indented.

In case you're wondering how I made these paragrahs appear in italics, visit the toolbar above this text box and look for the 'I' icon.  Highlight the text you want italicized and click that icon.  Bingo.

What?  You don't see any toolbar above this text box?  You're probably just viewing this post and not editing it.  When you create/edit something of your own the toolbar should appear. 

Be advised that image editing (adding images to your work here) can be a little tricky.  However, sometimes it just works.  For instance, in my example I went into the OLD forum thread and right-clicked to get a copy of the image I hope you see below.  I returned to this post and simply right-clicked for paste.  Voila.