How do I download .GPX files

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Hopefully there is one of you out there that knows more than I do about GPX file downloads than I do, because I really don't know anything about this.

Okay, nobody make fun of me because I am computer stupid, but how do you do this?

I have never actually taken a GPX file and downloaded it manually through my computer to my GPS. I know that the files sent via are these files, but here's my question:

If someone sends me a .gpx through the mail, how do I take that information and download it to my handheld unit? I tried to do an online tutorial but I don't believe that I'm tech-savvy enough to complete the tasks at hand. Do any of you know of a quick way to do this? I have a PC that I use for downloads and it will be going to a Magellan unit. I'd like to know how this is done, with step-by-step instructions if at all possible.

I'm counting on you awesome tech-sperts to show me the way!