How's the August Streak Going?

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I've been chatting up a few cachers in the past few weeks and the main topic is the groundspeak challenge to grab a cache a day in August.  We're almost 2/3's way through.  How's everybody doing?  Are you struggling at all?  Or has it been pretty easy in your area?

Me?  I knew I wouldn't be able to make it work, but I'm filling in the holes in my calendar grid.  Still have 5 days to grab a cache the rest of the month.  Gonna get one tomorrow.  And have the 31st covered, thanks to a local flash mob/grab an ice cream event at a Dubuque Dairy Queen. I gotta tell ya, finding just one cache a day is VERY difficult for me.  Caches are like potato chips or french fries.  I can't have one, just one, only one.  I gotta have a bunch!

I am sooo impressed at the response of cachers in various locales who have stepped up and placed new caches to give streakers a chance to find caches without having to travel long distances to grab a smiley.  Kudos to all of you!