IGO 2011-2012 Trackables Race


All racers must be sent to me BEFORE the race start. This will allow me time to drill necessary holes and/or  attach race information in time to start the race at IGO Hike-n-Seek 2011 (GC2R6J3).(September  24th, 2011)

Any racers that arrive late or handed to me at the launch event will be released in local Cedar Rapids area caches as soon as possible and will get a late start. All racers will finish the race at the same time regardless of starting date.


PR-1 - A geocacher may enter up to a maximum of 2 trackables in the race. The 2 trackables can be purchased now or previously owned, as long as it has zero mileage on it


PR-2 - All enteries must be trackable on geocaching.com.

PR-3 - All trackables entered must be registered by the owner (the person who entered the trackable into the race), have 0 miles logged and contain no log entries prior to the start of the race. If you do not want your racer in your inventory please mark it as 'missing'. This will not affect your racers mileage.
PR-4 - Prizes will be awarded to the top racer based on greatest distance traveled and for most placements by different geocachers.
PR-5 - If the same trackable wins both categories, then the prize for most geocachers will go to the 2nd place trackable in that category.
PR-6 - In case of a tie in either of the categories, the tie will be broken by drawing names.
PR-7 - All prize winners will be contacted for their mailing information so I know where to mail their prizes to.
PR-8 - Racer standings will be updated on a regular basis.


1. If you find a trackable in a geocache and take it, please move it along to another geocache in a timely manner(generally within 2 weeks). Mailing trackables for extra miles is not allowed.
2. Only log the trackable into a geocache in which you get a smiley face for except if it is the only geocache you place it in or it is the final geocache you leave the trackable in. Example: geocacher A does 4 caches, the first 3 must accompany a smiley face log on the cache page while the last can be a note or smiley face log. Even though there is no limit set to this rule. Use common sense and be courteous to other geocachers who would enjoy moving a racing trackable. Please do not use racing trackables as personal trackers for weeks and months.
3. If any of these rules are not followed, the owner of the trackable may be asked to remove the violating log(s) entry. If the violating log(s) entry is not removed, then the trackable's race standings will not be updated.
4. In the rare situation where an owner of a trackable finds their trackable, they may move it on to another geocache, but it may not be more than 50 miles away and you are limited to a maximum of two movements for the duration of the race.
5. Please post rules 1, 2 and 3 on your trackable page.


Greatest Overall Distance Traveled:
This is based on the valid mileage value on the trackable page indicated on the line that says "Travel Bug History (#.#mi)".

Placements By Different Geocachers:
This is based on the total number of different geocachers who place your racing trackable.

Arriving back at Hike n Seek 2012:

Any and all trackables in this race that make it back to Hike n Seek 2012 will be eligible for a special prize drawing, however the trackable must have actually traveled and accrued more than 150 miles.



We have not yet determined what the prizes will be, but they will be nice. We are still working on donations.

Racers may be mailed to:

IGO Trackables Race

6623 32nd Avenue

Shellsburg, IA 52332

Please mail so they arrive at least 1 week prior to the start of the race. Or you may hand deliver them to CCWashburn at any event she attends before any of the HnS activities. IGO or CCWashburn are not responsible for late or misdirected mail.