IGO BOD Elections

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Hill Folk-Twila
Joined: 2006 Apr 29

Please refer to our bylaws:  Article III Section 3.1

This is the list of candidates for the the IGO BOD.

The names were submitted to the entire nominating committee.

Each candidate was contacted by the nominating committee at which time the candidate could accept or decline the nomination.  The list of names then went before the entire BOD for a second to the nomination.

Those accepting the nomination and seconded by the entire BOD are:

c-dog Brad C

digger9 Jim P

Hill Folk Twila S.

iowaPete Pete M.

olkb Brad O.

sheldenn Shelly W.

At this time, the secretary is turning over the responsibilities as chair of the nominations commitee to repmul, as the current secretary is up for re election.  repmul will work with our webmaster, Mark, for the voting process.

Voting begins 12 am Friday, August 30 and ends 12 am Friday, Sept 13.