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Iowa Geocachers Organization, Board Of Directors, What's Going On.  

As The current President I am starting a discussion topic to keep members updated with BOD activities and to help answer any questions.  All BOD meetings are recorded and available on our current system with Talkshoe. You will need to visit the talk shoe site and establish a log in.  This is a link to talk shoe home.

(((   http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/main.jsp?pushNav=1&cmd=home   )))))

Once you are logged onto talk shoe you can do a search.  Type IGO in the search bar and it will lead you to the IGO Board of Directors  Meetings link.  In the IGO BOG Meetings page you can see the schedule for upcoming meetings and access recordings of the past meetings.  For now, if you would like a copy of the minutes from the  previous month's meeting it can be emailed to you by asking here or any board member.

As a member of IGO you are allowed access to listen to the entire live Board Meeting and interact with Board Meetings during the public comment section near the end of the meetings.  

*** As always, be safe, be courteous, be respectful and have fun. ***