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Again? Imagine my surprise when I checked into Facebook Saturday morning and found a message from our daughter, Wendy (sandwcarnahan). 'Guess who won the big prize'. she exclaimed. Well, it couldn't be us - after all, we got it last year so I assumed the Carnahans did. I replied, 'You?' I was excited for them. Then I learned differently. I was stunned!!


Frankly, until I learned the challenge this year was 100 veteran memorials, I hadn't really planned to 'run the state' again. But our grandson, John Carnahan, is a Marine. We're very proud of him so our participation was in his honor.  Locating the local memorials and those close to home was easy. In order to get the others we planned two 1-day trips and 2 overnight trips. 


Overnight trip #1 = a $1600.00 mishap with the car, Sue's exciting overnight investigation in the Villisca Axe Murder House and a night in a nearby motel for Ron (our chauffeur)  took care of the southwestern section of the state. 


Trip #2 =  a 3-day 2-night trip to cover the western and northwestern part of the state. Everything ran smoothly until we tried to get a motel the second night. Little did we expect to find every one of them booked with construction workers and migrant workers. That left 2 options - sleep in the truck (the car was in the repair shop after trip #1) or keep going. We decided to push on. Thankfully we started the second day early - 5 AM. We photographed the last memorial at 10 PM and reached home just after 1 AM. That adds up to 21 hours - a long day for us old folks!


'Thank you' seems so very inadequate for all the hard work, time and effort the IGO Boards put into the Veteran's Memorial Challenge, Hike 'n' Seek activities and generous pirzes. We are sincerely appreciative to everyone who had a part. A special 'thank you' goes to dazedandconfused for the fused glass flag! Amazing!! This past summer I was chatting with Frank at one of the events in the Cedar Rapids area. When he learned we were 'running the state' again, he said, 'And I hear there's a really nice prize for this year's winner'. Cute Frank!!


It's been fun, but 2 trips around the state for us old folks is enough. Next year we will cheer for the rest of you!!




Ron & Sue