IGO Has ANOTHER Nominee For Cacher of The Month!!!

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Hot off the presses!  I just read the blog for nominees for Cacher of the Month for Geocaching.com.  BIGBROTHERBEAR has been nominated!  A nice write-up was included for Jim.  IGO was even mentioned in the nomination, which I think is awesome!

It's time to beat the bushes again and cast votes for BIGBROTHERBEAR for geocacher of the month.  If you've ever had the chance to cache with the bigguy, take a couple minutes and post your experience.  He'll be stunned and honored if he's lucky enough to win the award.  With the help of IGO's members, he can't lose!

Best of luck, BBB!!


Can you believe it?? Potentially 3 IGO members as cacher of the month.  Super Goober and The Weasel must've been flying high when they got notified!