IGO Supporting Member Travel Bug Race

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Attention, IGO Supporting Members!

We want to announce that the IGO will be sponsoring the 2018 Cannonball Run Trackable Race!

This race will be open to any IGO Supporting Member. As a Supporting Member, this will be a new perk for you that will be free of charge!

If you are interested, please send your caching name and mailing address to Shelly Williams  (smwilliams77@yahoo.com)  by Saturday, November 25 to be considered for a free trackable.

We will randomly select 22 supporting members to participate in this travel bug race. If you are selected, we will send your trackable tag number and activation code, and you will need to find a travel partner (keychain, small toy, hot wheels car, etc.) and send that in, to the place we ask you to return them.

There will be several categories in the competition and we will be awarding prizes to winners of these categories on Saturday, September 22 at Hike-n-Seek 2018.

So, if you are a supporting member and would like to be part of this fun contest, please send your information to the email address above. Not a supporting member? Go to the IGO Merchandise Catalog on the left menue on the home page!