IGO's People's Choice Awards

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The IGO People's Choice awards were held Saturday evening April 20th, 2013, at Honey Creek Resort. I believe everyone that attended had a very nice time. Lots of fun and laughter as we looked at photos, and videos, and listened to stories all night long. One of the highlights was a story told by the IGO president, BJCheryl, about a young cacher who was having a little trouble finding a cache, but a hero showed up and saved the day.

We would like to congratulate the winners
Outstanding Series - Bigbrotherbear - The Quest For the Holy Grail
Outstanding Geo-art - Bigdoublej and Jstrout - MOGA
Outstanding Scenery - OLKB - High Trestle Dead Center
Most Creative - Jstrout - 49 and Holding
Outstanding Event - Digger9's Halloween Weenie Roast - Digger9
Newcomer of the year - Fishwomania
Iowa's Most Favored 2012 - Bigdoublej - Frog Shrine
Host With The Most - Bucknuts

Recipe For Success - GMSNRich Marsha
I Ain't Never Had 2 Much Fun - Jstrout and MRS.Corefam
I FINALLY Won Something!? Pokey22

The evening wrapped up with a little social time before we had to clear the room. Thank you to everyone that came out and made this a great event. See you next year?