Interview with Iowa Geocachers-June 2017

This month's interview is with Team Gamsci, Jim, Shirley and Josh Garrison.

The three person team, sometimes four (if daughter Kristen is involved) has 14,194 finds. They have 411 hides with 265 still active. Their name comes from a combination of the words games and science. So now we all know how to pronounce it, although most prononuce it “gam-see”.

They started when they were disc golfing and in their own words “never really good at it”, and wanted an outdoor activity that you could do in any weather. In November 2005 they found geocaching on line, and found their first in January 2006, using a car GPS tethered to a laptop computer. Determined, I say.

Sometimes together, sometimes alone, traveling or not, Team Gamsci caches in all kinds of weather, has attended 5 Megas (all MOGAs), numerous local events, and seen the whole contintental US (they have finds in 49 states and the DC area).

Everyone on the team has their favorite finds. Josh's favorite is Yellowstone Trail Cache (GCKT5A)...if you know Josh you know he loves pictures and filming (this one has a video on Youtube- ). Shirley's is Beyond “Dailey” Activities (GC1TN0A); she has a small gold nugget FTF prize as a memory. Jim's is Tlaloc (GCKRKB), climbing a monument to a long lost civilization's deity as his memory.

Whether or not they are together or separate Team Gamsci has and will be looking for a new adventure out there somewhere.