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While in Sac City for events, Twila, of Hill Folk, had a nice visit with some old friends.

The log reads:




Attended 09/27/2008

"Thanks to NVG and Darkside and their team of helpers for a great job. Had a lot of fun for only caching on Saturday. Great to meet some of the people that go with the nicknames. Great talking to you NVG and Hillfolk."

This is where it all began. Sometimes when you meet someone, you feel a connection. This hobby, geocaching, has connected us with some of the greatest and most fun people you will meet .

The “funny” thing is one does not even have to KNOW all about life details. You just know you like to spend time with a fellow cacher.

Firefighter6016 is one of those guys. We met at the 2008 Hike N Seek. We have kept in touch. And, after being elected to the IGO BOD, many times I did not feel comfortable with casting votes on some issues. Many times, I asked Mark, “What do you think?”

It was fun for me to do this interview with Mark and his friend, April, cachethepolice. (Yes, she is a peace officer-for real. Thankfully she was not called upon during the Sac City event. We all sort of behaved) And yes, Mark is a real firefighter. He did retire after 10 years of service to the Early Volunteer Fire Dept.

Mark as been caching since 2006. His brother, hopeless hiker, from Jonesborough, Tenn. introduced Mark to geocaching. Mark introduced April when they worked together at Buena Vista University. April has been an active cacher since 2007. April introduced caching to her boyfriend, and he introduced caching to his parents. Now, they cache together whenever they can and have said it brings their families closer.

Mark lives near Early, Iowa. April near Albert City, Iowa.

One of the most memorable caches Mark found was in Pocahontas. Many of us are familiar with that cache on the outskirts of town. Mark said cachethepolice sat in the car laughing her butt off at him as he retrieved the cache.

Another cache Mark likes to talk about is in Rhea Town, Tenn. He and his brother came across a cache near an old cemetery with an Iron Angel that dates back to the 1700’s. If you look at his profile, you can see the picture.

Cachethepolice talks about a cache she found near Cherokee. She tells how tone dog who worked at the institution and hid caches near there busted them.

I asked cachethepolice if she ever busted a cacher. She said no but she was busted by the Ames Police Dept. She did explain to the officer what they were doing as it was getting dark.

I asked what they liked most about caching. They agreed that getting outdoors, going to places one did not know existed, even close to home, and spending time with family. And, like so many of us, the friends you make along the way.

I would like to thank Mark and April for this interview. This was fun!