It's Time for the IGO Pathtag Contest!

Starting February 27, 2014 - Ending April 17, 2014 Expired

Pathtag Contest 2014

It's once again time for the creative members of IGO to bring their talents to the forefront and submit designs for the 2014 IGO Pathtag!  This year is the TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF IGO.  A special year deserves a special pathtag to commemorate the occasion.  Here's the nuts-n-bolts of what to do:

1. Create a pathtag design and submit it via email to  Feel free to include a description of how and why you chose your design, but limit it to 100 words.

2. When the deadline is reached, the Board of Directors will review and select the best pathtag design for 2014. The winning design will be announced at the People's Choice Awards Banquet in April.

3.  The winner will have their design posted to the website, and the pathtag will be created.  The winner will receive 20 pathtags, free of charge, for their winning design.

4.  That's all there is to it!  Please submit your designs before 11:59pm on March 28, 2014 in order to be elligible. There is no limit to the number of designs you can submit.  If you come up with 3 ideas that you like, feel free to submit each of them.

Best of luck!