KUDO's to Lego Masters!

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KUDO's to Lego Masters!
This is in regards to Lego Masters "Here Fishy Fishy" and "Hooked on Caching" Caches...
These Caches are placed around the Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area north of Palo, IA.
There are a total of 55 of them.
40 of them have lower difficulty and terrain ratings.
These are the "Here Fishy Fishy" Caches.
15 of them have higher difficulty and terrain ratings.
These are the "Hooked on Caching" Caches.

I admit, I was reluctant to go after these Caches because sometimes 'Geo-Art' Cache placements tend to have a lower quality Cache.
From the 12 of them that I have found this is NOT the case.
They are some of the best Caches that I have ever found.
I haven't been this excited about Caching in a long time.
Thank You Lego Masters!!