Lost Travel Bugs

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So I'm reviewing my travel bug inventory today.

I started out with twelve bugs, I'm down to three, one of them is my geo-mobile!

I've lost all desire in participating in this part of the Geocaching activity.

That being said "Two Thumbs Up" to our neighbors on the other side of the pond! 

The remaining two travelers are both in different parts of Europe! It's amazing the number of logged miles as well as the total number of logs and "discoveries" that these two bugs get over there.

i was overwhelmed a couple years ago when I was contacted by a fellow cacher that found only the tag in a cache. She wanted to know if this traveler was supposed to be attached to something or not... I told her that yes it had a beanie baby style toy dog attached to it and directed her to the picture that I took of it before sending out on its journey.  She told me ththese was going to purchase a new stuffed dog for it and help it continue on its way. Wow, now that was amazing, someone who actually wanted to help out.

I've contact several cachers here in the states about travelers (that they are holding onto), and have never received a response...

Is this part of caching dead or dying?