Meeting Minutes - July 2012

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 Iowa Geocaching Organization Board Meeting Minutes 

June 21, 2012 
Present: Bumanfam, digger9, ccwashburn, Hill Folk, bjcheryl, repmul, lagrac 
Not present: RedheadBasset, c_dog
May Minutes were approved and accepted (with an amendment) by all present. (7-0)
Treasury Report: was approved and accepted by all present. (7-0)
New business: 
Nomination committee members are still needed. Interested? Please contact a member of the Board.
A discuss was held as to whether the IGO should adopt as an official listing site. 
A vote was made (7-0) to table this idea till the next meeting.
The IGO Extra Effort Coin will be presented to cjandbj. This motion was approved by all present. (7-0) 
An Event to be hosted by the IGO will be held to present this to the honorees.
Old business:
The interaction with the IA Utilities Board went well.
Milestone geocoins is in progress.
Committee Reports:
finance/fund raising- 
A change in vendor has been made.
land manager- none
events- HNS '12 is still being organized.
A Meet and Greet hosted by the IGO, will be held at Honey Creek this fall. 
This motion was approved by all present. (7-0)
legals- no updates
nominations- As noted above, people to staff the nomination's committee are still needed.
Public Comment- none
The meeting was adjourned and approved by all present. (7-0)