New GeoArt to chase!!

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Our local informal geocaching group a.k.a. C.A.G.E. (C.linton A.rea G.E.ocachers) had a brainstorming meeting on July 28th to create some GeoArt in our area so that we and other local cachers didn't have to travel 60+ miles roundtrip to participate in Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching challenge.  The last of our "Art" published this morning and we now have a neat little piece of Geo-Art just west of Clinton.  Whether you're participating in the 31 Days challenge, need a day filler for your calendar grid, like to cache in the country, or want to bump up your numbers with park-and-grab power trail, this GeoArt fits the bill!!  Here is my public bookmark for all 45 caches:

The notification of our new GeoArt has been posted on Facebook, but I just remembered there are some that are not on Facebook, so this information is for them.

Come to Clinton and have a day of caching fun!!

Caching is about the journey, the adventure, and the fun....the smiley is the bonus!!