Organization Info

What is IGO and who is it for?

IGO is an informal organization of geocachers from in and around Iowa. The organization is open to anyone interested in geocaching in Iowa and we have no formal established boundaries. Everyone is welcome!

If you would like to become an IGO member (it’s free!) or if you’re looking for information about our members please visit our Member Info pages.

Current Status:

IGO is still a relatively young organization (as geocaching is a relatively young undertaking). It’s roots are with the EIGA (Eastern Iowa Geocachers Assoc.) and with geocachers from all around Iowa who have banded together to form a single statewide organization.

The group is governed by a set of established bylaws and by the 9-member IGO Board of Directors.

Upcoming Events in Iowa and Surrounding States:

There are just too many to list here so please visit the Events Map page to see the current map and list of all event caches within 500 miles of central Iowa. Events data is updated weekly.

What can you do to help?

  • Spread the word about IGO and this web site. Put a link to this site on your geocache pages.
  • Occasionally visit this web site -- all news and events will be announced here.
  • E-mail us your feedback, suggestions, and opinions.
  • Volunteer for IGO committee service to help keep this organization running.
  • Get out and go geocaching!

EIGA History and Organization

The EIGA was informally created following a meeting of geocachers from Iowa (and surrounding areas) on January 10, 2004 in Solon, Iowa. The organization was informally governed by a steering committee which drafted a set of bylaws and made the decision to expand into an all-Iowa organization (IGO) about 1-year later.

Want to learn more?  Find any gray-haired Iowan (I know a couple) with a GPS in-hand and ask him/her OR check out our IGO History page!