Peoples Choice Award Winners

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For those of you that were unable to attend the People's Choice Awards event at Honey Creek, here are the winners from the nominated categories, as voted on by the membership:

Series:  "The G-Men" (

Geo-Art:  "The Quest for The Holy Grail" (

Scenery: "Welcome to Historic Brucemore" (

Creative:  "Welcome to Historic Brucemore" (

Event: GC4CVK5 "6th Annual South East Iowa October Cache Fest" (

Newcomer of the Year: cheetoman79

In addition to the nominated caches/events, our second annual "Lighter Side of Caching" presented by Hill Folk was well received with some good laughs, and well deserved interesting 'perspectives'.  The cachers/caches that won the "Lighter Side" awards were:

'Fun with the FUZZ' - iowaPete with his log for GC4RX36.  A unique LEO experience.  Check out his log here:

In a 'Fact Stronger than Fiction' category, this is a log that caught the eye of our presenters:

Sometimes it's not about the laughter, but the mysterious effect of an OMG experience.  This cache falls into that category.  Do you dare to look for it??

The other Lighter Side winner was SuperGoober with his persistent and consistent "Picture Perfect" logging of a picture with EVERY smiley log he posts. A lot of us are familiar with his "just one more" philosophy and his mad dash to get in each picture after setting his camera timer. 

Additional awards given out this evening:

Most Favorited Cache (in the last year): Welcome to Historic Brucemore

Host With The Most (most hosted events): musthavemuzk

IGO Appreciation Award:  SummitDweller

IGO Extra Effort Award:  Hill Folk

Just a ps to this wonderful post by 24hawki, SuperGoober also has taken event pictures probably since event pictures were taken.  This, too, was part of the reason for SuperGoober earning this award.