THE SEARCH Volume 1 Issue 6 October 2011

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Sept. - Oct. 2011   Vol 1, Issue 6
 Official Newsletter of the IGO

Letter From Your Editor

This issue is full of fun things that have happened in the last two months and will be happening soon.  Make sure you read through the whole newsletter so you don't miss out on anything.

There is a big article in this issue all about Hike n' Seek 2011.  I know I only covered a portion of all of the fun things that happened there, but if I kept going, it would turn into a book!  There were just so many great things happening last weekend.  You can share your stories and photos online in the IGO Forums, the Event pages and you can share your pictures with other IGO Members on the IGO Website.  Here's how.  Who can say it wasn't a great weekend when it ended with a rainbow on the way home!

This weekend I had the honor of receiving the IGO "Extra Effort" Award.  I have to say that I was pretty surprised and extremely honored.  It truely is my pleasure and my honor to write this newsletter.  I am not by any means a professional at this and I learn a little more each time but I really do enjoy writing it and putting it altogether.  To me it's like I am writing a really detailed letter to my friends!  My IGO friends.........  So thank you all so very much for choosing me for this honor.  I was proud to show it to my family and friends and am equally as proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization!  Thank You!

I also want to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Busterbabes on her win from THE SEARCH Participants Drawing of a IGO Prize Vault Pick.  Thank you so much for your contributions to the newsletter.  This newsletter wouldn't happen if it wasn't for all of you out there taking pictures and writing in.  It really helps when I go to put it all together to get another persons perspective on things or maybe they went to an event I couldn't make it to.  Thank you all and keep writing in!

THE SEARCH is always looking for articles and photos from our IGO Members.  So if you have something interesting to write about or a fun photo to share, send it to  Ideas or tips for an article are always welcome as well.

Happy Fall Caching everyone and I hope you all have a great couple of months!

Team Kempker





In This Issue:


  • Letter From Your Editor
  • Hike n' Seek 2011
  • IGO's Meet-n-Greet
  •'s GOTM
  • COTM
  • It's A Treasure Hunt
  • Cacher Profile
  • In The Know....
  • IGO's Prize Vault Winner
  • What's New In The IGO Store
  • Recent Milestones
  • Upcoming Events


 Ways To Participate in IGO:



Hike-n-Seek 2011 in Elkader Iowa

WOW!  What an event!  I don't know about you, but it is one of the best events we have ever been to!  My family and I had a fantastic time with all of the activities that IGO had in store for us.  Here is what some IGO Members had to say:


Elkader, if you’ve never been to the small, quaint town in north eastern Iowa then you obviously didn’t participate in the IGO Hike N Seek. The weather for the Saturday competition couldn’t have been better, the clouds let a little precipitation fall to get ants in the pants of nervous cachers but in the end the sun prevailed and allowed for an enjoyable day of racing, finding, running, driving, boating, and sleeping! The age of participants ranged from children to grandparents, smiles across the spectrum! A couple traveled from Washington state to attend the most attended Hike N Seek to date.
 A new aspect this year were tours, the tours allowed for cachers to stop caching and take in some of the land marks and historic parts of the area. If you participated in the tour your time card was deducted time so you wouldn’t fall behind, walking up and signing the log didn’t count either which I found out the hard way a couple days after the event. Only way the event could have been better is if the leaves would have cooperated and started to change color! Lover’s Leap of Elkader was beautiful, so were the challenges that were included in the competition! Let’s not forget about the town of McGregor and the Ringling brothers, or the cuddly oversized pink elephant in Marquette!
My hat goes off to everyone who helped make this come together, the Cache in Trash Out event really brought attention to cachers and business owners on Main Street recognized what we were doing, they were thankful that we came to town. Picking up hundreds of cigarette butts made me feel like I was temporarily cleaning up such a beautiful town, and in the process receiving instant gratification.
                If you missed out on Hike N Seek you don’t have to worry as we will all meet again at MOGA! Until then get out and attend the local events and keep caching!
Be Safe     
-Team Rufus

 Photos by: The DuHawks & Team Gamsci


McWhiskers A Bomb Shelter!

Thank you, Medoug for taking your time on Saturday, to share what you have learned about this and other bomb shelters. It is very obvious that you have put A LOT of time researching this subject. This is exactly what I like about geocaching. It has taken us to places that we would have missed otherwise. What a great opportunity to learn and see first hand what our parents and grandparents were reading and hearing about in the news, fearing, and preparing for. Thankfully, they never had to use this shelter. This structure stands to remind us that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it! Thank You, again Medoug for a step back in history and a cache too.............................Connie

1960 Bomb Shelter Photos by: Team Kempker


The Motor Mill Meet and Tour - Part of Tape worm's Log on Event Page

Wow this place is really cool. This was awesome to be able to get inside and walk threw the buildings, while being told what this and what that is, and how it all work. The face that it had been converted into some sort of barn for a period of time as well, and now they are trying to reconstruct the whole mill building back to it's original state. While the tour guide said down stairs was just piles of dirt that they are going to be removing and get the turkey river flowing back threw the bottom of the building like it did when the mill was in operation.

Thanks for taking the time to set this up. Anyone that skipped it really missed something.


The Motor Mill Photos by: Tape worm

Busterbabes wrote an email to the city administrator :

Subject: Successful Hike and Seek!

I just want to thank you for being so welcoming to geocachers this past weekend.

We had our biggest turnout ever at 189 attendees.

This was the first year that we incorporated tours and side events, like the Motor Mill tour, and renting the theater.  Those side events were a HUGE success, and geocachers really liked seeing the history of the area!
We were also impressed with all the businesses that had signs welcoming us!
I have received e-mails from fellow cachers that plan a return trip in the next few weeks to find caches and enjoy the fall foliage.  :)

On behalf of the IowaGeocachers.Org- THANK YOU ELKADER!



The Admin. Assistant for Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce wrote back:

Hi, Jenni-

Jennifer Cowsert, the city administrator, forwarded your nice note to the Chamber and I sent it on to our members. We’re delighted that the visit of the geocachers worked out so well for you.
 Would you mind if we post your message on our website?  We love to pass on good news!
Mary Harstad
Administrative Assistant
Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce

 Photo by: Tape worm

There was a lot of fun to be had at a lot of different activities.  You could have attended a 101 Event with SuperGoober, been in a contest for best decorated back window, and had some great food with friends at the Meet n' Greet.  You could have caught a movie, talked trackables, won prizes and bought gear at the IGO Store.  You could have stayed up all night geocaching, made new friends and met up with your old friends.  Most important is that you all had a wonderful time together doing something that each of us commonly enjoys - Geocaching in Iowa!

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to every single person who helped out in any way.  This event was a great success because of each and every one of you.  Another HUGE thank you goes out to the city of Elkader for all of their "home town" generosity.  Every person from Elkader we talked to and every business we went in to made us feel like we were a part of their community and had lived there our whole lives. I would also like to thank all of the geocachers who came to the events as well.  The Geocachers themselves are the heart of all the fun!  Many cachers drove a long ways to get to Elkader and I bet each one of them would tell you it was worth the drive!  Until MOGA.........Happy Caching!

Photos by: Team Gamsci & Team Kempker





 IGO's Meet n' Greet

On Saturday, August 20th, 2011 the IGO Meet-N-Greet took place at Lake McBride in east central Iowa. There were over 40 IGO members in attendance. Several of them took part in the activities which proved to be both financially beneficial to IGO and adventurous for the participants.

The weather was beautiful and the IGO store was on hand to offer up supplies to the fellow cachers whatever their needs.

The activity of the day was to have participants choice between Trail A or Trail B. If Trail A was chosen cachers would walk along a trail just over a mile long in search of ten (10) hidden caches within a one hour time slot. For each cache found their name would be placed in a hat. A $5 donation was given to the kitty and the winning name drawn would get 50% of the donation collected.

If Trail B was chosen cachers would walk along a trail about a half mile long and back looking for 10 caches within one hour. They would donate a dollar for each find and two dollars for each DNF for a chance to get up to 10 poker cards. The best poker hand would win half of the donations collected.

After the first trail was accomplished players can choose to do the second trail. When all players were back to the pavilion winners were chosen and door prizes were given out.

The winner of Trail A with the drawing was Pokey22 ! The winner of the poker drawing with a hand of a King high straight was Keekle! Congratulations to both cachers who won 50% of the donations in each trail.

The IGO store was able to collect about $100 and the activities collected almost $100. So, all in all the total collections for the Iowa Geocachers Organization is over $200!!!

Thank you to all supporters who came out to participate and/or socialize with everyone, it was a good day to spend with good friends! Go IGO!

Written by: Borky00 / Finance Committee

Photo by: thehamarbros's Featured Geocacher of the Month

WOW!  A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to SuperGoober on being nominated and winning's Geocacher Of The Month!!  Go to their blog to read The Weasel's well-deserved nomination to a wonderful Iowa Geocacher and to read the comments that were left for SuperGoober from other  Members.


Nomination by The Weasel:  “Jeff has hosted five “official” 101, 201, and 301 events. What I would like to stress is that Jeff has done WELL over 50+ 101 events for SEVERAL groups from the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Libraries, and any group that asks for a class to be held. Some of these events have been several hours away, but Jeff is always willing to lend a hand and do this.
Jeff has hosted 8 “unofficial” trips to a 5×5 caches of his, The Siege!. This is a very extreme cache which involves going over a cliff face. Jeff is ALWAYS willing to take groups to this cache to ensure their safety.
Jeff is a VERY active member of the Iowa Geocachers Organization where he has held a position on the BOD for several of years as well as part of the Land Management committee.
Jeff is a volunteer  with the Linn County Conservation, and has donated several hours helping them with various events.
Jeff is a model geocacher which all of us in the area and beyond can be proud of. He is always willing to lend advice/help to any cache that approaches him or contacts him.”


Here is what SuperGoober had to say in the IGO Forums about his win:


This is REALLY an AWESOME achievement!!!
Not just for me, but for ALL of us!

Consider this…
This is only the 2nd month that / (GroundSpeak) has done a “Geocacher of the month”
Last months “winner” went to someone that lives in Sweden.
So, this is the 1st time that someone has won this award for the U.S.A.!!! and in IOWA!

The reason why I (we) won this is simple…
Iowa (and the Great Mid-West) has an awesome support base for Geocaching!!!
I am just fortunate to be part of it!!!!

Yes, I will keep the “Geocacher of the Month” Certificate (nicely framed) at home at well as the "Geocacher of the Month" Coin.
Just keeping it here, at home for safe keeping.
BUT – This actually “belongs” to ALL of us!

I’d like to thank everyone that voted for me.
The votes / comments were really nice and VERY MUCH Appreciated!!!

Jollywally, L J Silver, ea, Lego Crew, kbraband (IowaAdmin), Warwickduncan, Tape Worm, The Riddeller, Icmclean, mhoefing, BlueDeuce, lizs, rocky, Annieptigger, Colleen, Gloter, RLowtek, shabs, jdlc1936, welch, Tracy Spry (US Army Corps of Engineers/Rock Island District), Pokey22, Gail Barels (Conservation Education Specialist for Linn County Conservation), Kalendraf, dgoemaat (LCC Deputy Director), WyseGuys, Big Brother Bear, Jo (Jo Pearson – Asst Director Marion Public Library), Jcorbett (Jenny Corebett – Ranger, Wickiup Outdoor Learning Center), Cosmic cachers, Clown Shoes, ghost, 24hawki (Liz McGauvran), Hill Folk, Borky00, Durango Dale, Summitt Dweller, Windchill, CCWashburn, AB-n-AP, jjmoff, SuperGoobette (My Beloved Bride), Team RonTon, TrapperDan, Keekle, Larry Darling (CC8C4), Grizzlyman1971, iowaPete, a2n, David L. (Putnam Museum), Schirminators, SEAM, busterbabes, Mhelsell (Marge – dazedandconfused), tbruihler, Jim Phelps (Digger9), msand, Fhelsell (Frank – dazedandconfused), Skeedy, Tina Stewart and MOST Important! – The Weasel (Tim Stewart) for submitting the nomination for me!!!

YES, Iowa Geoachers are an AWESOME group of people!
I’m honored to be part of it!!!

Best Regards!
SuperGoober <Jeff Goodson>


 Congratulations SuperGoober!  Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!



Cache Of The Month (COTM)

Congratulations to RedDarling for their August COTM win for  GC2M8GT- Battery Tester and to Fr. Matt for their September COTM win for GC31X3R - My Remains!  What great caches! 

Voting for the October COTM is now open!  Every month from the 1st - 15th voting is held for the COTM and the 16th - the end of the month is the nominations of a cache.   Click here to VOTE for your favorite cache.  You can also vote from your home page on the IGO website.  Log-in to IGO and scroll down to find the COTM information.  Click on the title of the article to see the complete list of rules.

So remember to not only vote for your favorite COTM at the beginning of the month but to nominate your favorite cache at the end of the month as well.  Be sure to leave a comment on the COTM page telling everyone why you nominated that cache.

This month's nominees are:

GC2B48V Shake, Rattle, Roll - Repeat If Necessary by shabs, Traditional Cache (3/1.5)
GC2XB22 The CVNT Powertrail **BONUS** Cache Challenge by The Weasel and SuperGoober, Unknown Cache (4/4)
 GCQJ85 The Bug Barn by Hill Folk, Traditional Cache (1,1.5)
 GC1A7PD Rangers Lead The Way by Plumberbutt, Traditional Cache, (2.5/3.5)
GC341RB Area 52!?! by hawkeyetob, Traditional Cache (1/2)









Make sure you get your vote in.  You do not have to have been to the cache to vote for the cache.




It’s a Treasure Hunt!

Sometimes inspiration hits and you find the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for person in your life. That was the case when I stumbled upon an article about geocaching.

My husband loves the outdoors—hiking, motorcycling, dirt biking, bicycling, camping and more. But it has always been difficult to surprise him with a present because if he needs a hobby item or tool, he tends to go out and get it right away. And he always finds out about new hobbies and sports before I do.

However, after I learned about geocaching, I knew he’d love it. I took the leap and purchased a hand-held GPS for his birthday. The look on his face when he opened the gift was priceless—mission accomplished! Little did I know that it would lead to great outdoor fun for the two of us and our adult children as well. And I certainly didn’t realize it would lead to a book on geocaching.

You see, I am one of the writers at CQ Products, a publisher located in Waverly, Iowa. After sharing the fun our family had on a few geocaching outings, the company decided a beginner’s guide to geocaching might be in order. We decided the companion hobby of letterboxing should be included too.

The result? A well-received book called It’s a Treasure Hunt: Geocaching and Letterboxing. Families, teachers, youth groups, school clubs, scouts and community organizations are just some of the readers who have embraced these hobbies after finding the book. Because it includes all the basics, it’s perfect for beginners. Though experienced geocachers will probably be familiar with the information in the geocaching portion of the book, they can share their love of the sport with others who might enjoy it by giving this book as a gift. When paired with a GPS receiver or other handy gear, the beginner will be set to go.

In addition, geocaching enthusiasts can expand their own horizons by reading about letterboxing. It’s an outdoor treasure hunt too, except it uses less technology and more cunning. Clues are posted on letterboxing websites, such as, but they consist of compass readings and things like stories, anagrams, rhymes, or riddles to unravel.
What makes letterboxes unique is what’s hidden inside: a special rubber stamp and logbook. Letterboxers also carry their own personalized rubber stamp, ink pad and logbook when they hike. After finding a hidden letterbox, rubber stamp imprints are exchanged as the way of “signing” both logbooks.

Both sports offer the chance to exercise and explore outdoor locations and sights that might otherwise be overlooked—and the possibilities are endless.

Check out It’s a Treasure Hunt: Geocaching and Letterboxing, published by CQ Products. It’s available online at or by calling toll free 866-804-9892. Take a hike and go on a hunt this fall!

CQ Products is happy to be one of the few remaining book publishers that print and assemble their books in America. Get your copy today! Order at 1-866-804-9892 or visit our retail website at

 - Editor's Note: Dwarf was kind enough to donate two books to IGO.  One was given as a prize at Hike n' Seek and one is in the IGO Prize Vault.  Make sure you get in on the contests to be able to win your copy of "It's A Treasure Hunt!"

 Written by: Dwarf / Beth S.





Cacher Profile....



What is your first name and last name initial?: Jeff Goodson
What is your Geocaching name?: SuperGoober
How did you come up with your Geocaching name?: I wanted to register the name of "Goober" but it was taken.  This was my nick-name when I was in the Navy, so I opted for SuperGoober.
When did you start Geocaching?: I created my account on 7 March 2005, found my first Cache a few days later on 11 March 2005.
How did you learn about Geocaching and what kept you going?: My “Lead” at work told me about Geocaching when we were out on travel to SeattleWashington.  I few weeks later, I purchased a used GPS (not for Geocaching, I just thought it would be fun to have).  Then a couple weeks later I remembered what he told me about, “Geocaching”.  I headed over to a nearby park and tried the “Guthridge Micro”, from there I was “hooked”.
What was your first GPSr and what do you have now? What's the GPSr you would like to have?: My 1st GPS was a very old Lowrence Global Map (used), then GarminE-Trex Legend and now Garmin 60CSx.  I have “seen” how the newer GPS’ perform.  I’m sticking with my Garmin 60CSx!  With the custom way-points & Modified “hint” field it does everything I want it to! 
Do you cache with other cachers, family or on your own?: I do a lot of my Caching with “The Weasel”, we compliment each other on our talent(s).  I like to research and think things out, The Weasel is not afraid of doing anything.  I also love to Cache with my family, Wife “SuperGoobette”, Daughter “Sianna-Banana”, Son “Meepster” and oldest Son “Daniel-Smanial”.  Caching alone is important to me, as it lets me re-connect with myself.  I don’t really have a preference on who I Cache with.
What is (are) your favorite geocache(s)?: I really enjoy creative Cache placements.  Like dazedandconfusedA Change of Base (GC2RD0C).  I also like the Caches that require a significant hike like Tape worm’s “H.A.C. –Orienteering” (GC23B15).  Also the awesome Caches that take you to a cool place (like a cave),Plumberbutt’sRangers Led The Way” (GC1A7PD)
What are your favorite types of geocaches?: Traditional, well thought out in the woods (moletrap & thetoothfairy) are great for placing these!
What is your least favorite type of geocache?: One that’s not maintained and is missing and I looked for it.
Do you have a favorite area to cache? Why is this your favorite area?: I like the Cedar Falls area and the area around VintonIA.  These Caches are well thought out and maintained by the Cache Owners.
What do you keep in your geocaching bag?: 2 bottles of water, camera, PDA (with all of the Cache information I have for all of the Caches that I have loaded into my GPS). all-in-one tool (small & large), telescoping magnet tool, telescoping (small) mirror tool, 8 “AA” batteries, 19 LED Flashlight, 2 extra pens, 10 napkins, replacement logs & replacement bison’s, DEET wipes (in the Summer), Breakable heater pouches (Winter) & bear-bell.
What is the coolest/wierdest thing that you have found in a cache? What do you enjoy finding in caches?: I think the best “swag” that I have found was a small diamond knife sharpener (In a Cache that was archived). I normally don’t take anything from a Cache.  Prefer to be ready to put something IN the Cache.
Do you have a collection and what do you collect and why?: Not sure what you mean by “collection”??? I DO like to collect cool rocks and bucknuts pencils ;)
Why do you like or dislike geocoins/pathtags and how many do you have in your personal collection?: Coins & Path Tags are really COOL!  I have 72 really cool coins (some given to me by close friends and 84 Path Tags).
Which do you prefer more: finding geocaches or hiding geocaches? Why?: I prefer BOTH, finding & placing Caches.  I look at finding & placing a Cache like going to a pot-luck.  You shouldn’t attend and eat the food unless you are bringing some food!  I place Caches at an interval equal to “Finding” Caches.  My “Karma” is at 3.29, So I think my “Finds” to “Placed” Caches is VERY good. ;)
If money and time were no object, what & where are the cache(s) you would love to find? Why?: Definitely the LAST remaining APE Cache in Bazil!!! (GCC67).  I have found the APE Cache in Washington in 2007, getting this one would be AWESOME! Finding a few Caches with lorriebird would be even better.
How do you prepare for a full day of geocaching?: I decide on the area that I want to go, create a Pocket-Query for that area.  Run the Pocket-Query through GoogleEarthTweaker to look at the Caches in the area,  I then create a “plan of attack for those Caches.  Upload the PQ to my GPS & PDA and find the Caches that I want to find.
Do you have a favorite event you like to attend or have attended?: I have attending MANY Events, I Love the Pot-Luck Events but also LOVE the Events that are followed by finding some difficult Caches in the area.
What is the furthest distance you've traveled for a specific single geocache?: While working on completing our “81” Difficulty / Terrain Grid The Weasel and I drove Illinois to find the Beverly Cache (GC28).  About 225 miles (one way) just to do one Cache that was placed in the year 2000.
Where & how far away is the farthest geocache you've ever found from your home coordinates?: Original Stash Tribute Plaque (GCGVOP) Located in near Estacada, OR.  Where the 1st Cache was placed.
What was your hardest cache to find and/or container? (Without being too much of a spoiler!): I can give details on this one since it has been archived.  Home of the Winged Beast (GCQKXA).  I got pretty scratched up and a bit bloody on this one!  Had to go back up again as I dropped some of the swag on the ground.
Do you have a funny story about a muggle or running into a muggle?: Other than the Sheriff drawing his side-arm on me in SeattleWA….  Going after a Cache at CoralvilleLake, an older couple sitting a bench where the Cache was placed… I waited about 20 minutes and then explained to them what I was doing.  Geocaching, CITO etc.  After I explained everything the Wife looks at the husband and says “Look Herold, that thing tells him where the trash is!”
Anything else that you would like to share with us?: 

My Favorite Cache that I placed: Talk to me (GC1M007) The first (and maybe only)Speech recognition Cache.  Say “SuperGoober” and the door pops open!  
Born: PhoenixAZ 
Raised: Dallas, OR 
Currently residing in: Hiawatha, IA 
Enlisted in the United States Navy in April 1983, Retired from the United States Navy on January 2004. 
I LOVE living in Iowa 

Have a Great Family, Great Job and Life is Good!!!



Submitted by: SuperGoober



In The Know...

Did you know....

  • CCWashburn and Welch are getting married October 15th!  Congratulations to you both and many happy wishes!
  • lagrac hit 15000 geocaches in September!  Way to go lagrac!
  • Update on the Iowa Geocoin: Presale is still open and the first set of samples have been rejected. Waiting on a remake of the molds.
  • You can post a comment on the IGO History page with any additions you would like to see added.
  • The Design The IGO 2012 Pathtag Contest is still going on.  Click here for all the rules.
  • You can make a bid for the place of the 2012 Hike n' Seek Event.  E-mail all bids to
  • The IGO Forums is a great place to learn more about Iowa Geocaching and to get to know all of your fellow IGO Members.
  • You can track the 2011 IGO Trackables Race on the IGO Website.  Click here to see the participants and their stats.
  • There are 83 state parks and recreation areas in Iowa.  How many have you been to?



IGO's Prize Vault Winner!

Congratulations to Durango Dale who won August's pick from the IGO Prize Vault!  Durango Dale "donated" his prize back into the IGO vault for another lucky member to win.  Thank you Durango Dale for your generousity! 

Each month IGO draws one winner from among those who have opted to become Supporting Members of the organization.  You can find out more about becoming a SM at

Also, a Congratulations goes out to Ron B. on Facebook.   IGO hit 250 "likes" on Facebook and drew a winner from our FB fans!  Congratulations Ron!




What's New In The IGO Store

From the IGO Store: We would like to say Thank You to everyone who purchased items at the IGO Meet and Greet in August, we added more than $130 to our coffers and again for making Hike n Seek a spectacular event adding more than $300 to our coffers (Which will go mostly towards next years Hike n Seek)
Items still available in the store are:
IGO Golf Pencils 25 count pk for $5
IGO Hat Pins $3.75
2010 Hike n Seek shirts $3
2010 Hike n Seek coins $5
2011 Hike n Seek Pathtag with Lanyard $3
2 different styles of IGO Branded Hats $17 and $22 

Prices subject to change as shipping costs are calculated






 Recent Milestones

Congratulations to the following IGO members for reaching a milestone find in the last 30 days.  To update your own statistics be sure to visit "My Account", click on "Edit" then "Profile" and scroll down.  If you would like to check out these milestones through-out the month, visit

Name GC Milestone Date Recorded
 birgenfamily 1600th 2011-09-29
 cashncarrie 100th 2011-09-29
 Hill Folk 2900th 2011-09-28
 morts01 4100th 2011-09-28
 Berdings 500th 2011-09-28
 RedHeadBasset 3900th 2011-09-27
 -CacheHound 500th 2011-09-27
 keekle 2700th 2011-09-26
 Big Brother Bear 500th 2011-09-26
 gmsnrich 1300th 2011-09-25
 STAORDADH 300th 2011-09-25
 The Northwood Goonies 600th 2011-09-24
 jmcurrie 400th 2011-09-24
 msand 400th 2011-09-23
 Lego Crew 4800th 2011-09-22
 lasermom 2800th 2011-09-22
 drhaas 24900th 2011-09-21
 Clueless Wonder 100th 2011-09-21
 kd0xd 4200th 2011-09-18
 cyther 1400th 2011-09-17
 iowagerd 11800th 2011-09-17
 RonTon 3400th 2011-09-13
 hawkeyetob 500th 2011-09-12
 cosmic cachers 1000th 2011-09-12
 Blue Grass Tom 7800th 2011-09-11
 IowaBeaver 4200th 2011-09-11
 Fr. Matt 200th 2011-09-09
 lagrac 15400th 2011-09-08
 iconions 2500th 2011-09-08
 biscuitt bunch 4100th 2011-09-05
 Oaknest 9300th 2011-09-05
 GramAmy 100th 2011-09-05
 adsman34 200th 2011-09-04
 imgrendel 100th 2011-09-04
 loonarmagic13 700th 2011-09-04
 boasark 3600th 2011-09-02
 SuperGoober 3600th 2011-09-02
 qua_est_waldo 400th 2011-09-01
 teamrufus 800th 2011-09-01
 Muffkin42 x 2 400th 2011-08-30
 CrossedEyedBear 1300th 2011-08-30
 lagrac 15000th 2011-08-29
 Clan Grizz 400th 2011-08-29
 mon"rose" 3500th 2011-08-27
 Big Brother Bear 300th 2011-08-27
 keekle 2600th 2011-08-22
 c_dog 7900th 2011-08-21
 iowagerd 11400th 2011-08-21
 BuckeyeView 300th 2011-08-21
 iowaPete 600th 2011-08-21
 kpgowings 600th 2011-08-21
 TeamSpoonDog 50th 2011-08-21
 khall23 100th 2011-08-20
 addams45 100th 2011-08-18
 birgenfamily 1500th 2011-08-17
 GramAmy 50th 2011-08-17
 Ron Ton 3300th 2011-08-16
 morts01 2300th 2011-08-16
 lasermom 2700th 2011-08-16
 IowaBeaver 4100th 2011-08-15
 familyplow 200th 2011-08-15
 CAP Big John 500th 2011-08-14
 max1justin 100th 2011-08-14
 imgrendel 50th 2011-08-09
 Stridget 1700th 2011-08-08
 jmcurrie 300th 2011-08-08
 Lego Crew 4600th 2011-08-07
 kauf 300th 2011-08-06
 Hill Folk 2700th 2011-08-04
 Kirk F 1100th 2011-08-02
 grizzlyman1971 50th 2011-08-02
 Grazelda 300th 2011-08-01



Upcoming Iowa Events


 GC32FDW  Big Hollow Cook-Out Celebration by Stwain02 and hdsjsdm, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-01
 GC32FEG  CITO at Big Hollow by hdsjsdm, CITO Event Cache (1.5/2)  2011-10-01
 GC3036B  Cub Club by bucknuts, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-05
 GC2Z45G  The Start To A Great Weekend by digger9, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-07
 GC32DGZ  The Natives Love To Have "Phoon"! by Cheif CJ's Loyal Scout, Event Cache (1/1.5)  2011-10-07
 GC2YVHR  4th Annual Southeast Iowa October Cache Fest by WACkOSAGO, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-08
 GC302DV  CITO 4th Annual Southeast Iowa October Cache Fest by bjcheryl, CITO Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-08
 GC328CT  Lake Wapello Bucket Dogs On A Bun by the finch farmers, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-08
 GC341CQ  Tourist Park Meet and Greet by taviandcarmel and rubytreasure, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-08
 GC32NB7  The End To Another Great Weekend by WACkOSAGO, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-09
 GC33MDG  Bugkiller's commencement Bug drop Multi-Event by bugkiller1, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-22
 GC2YKKR  Digger9's Halloween "Pumpkin Run" 2011 by digger9, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-10-29

 Digger9's 3rd Annual Halloween Weenie Roast by digger9, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)

 GC3539E  I Want To Eat Your Brains by The NVG, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-10-31
 GC32ENH  North and South Dakota by bucknuts, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-11-02
 GC2YT66  Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by TeamRufus, Event Cache (5/3)  2011-11-11
 GC32DAF  11/11/11 Gathering! by SEAM, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-11-11
 GC32DWP  11/11/11 Flash Mob by SEAM, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-11-11
 GC330XY  SE Iowa 11-11-11 Multi-Event by Pastor_B, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-11-11
 GC349QJ  Geocaching 201 in the Marion Library! by SuperGoober, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-11-12
 GC33RX0  Christmas Time in the 515 by bucknuts, Event Cache (1/1)  2011-12-10
 GC343E3  December Birthday and Holiday Bash by CCWashburn, Event Cache (1.5/1.5)  2011-12-10
 GC2QM9C  MOGA 2012 by MOGA, Event Cache  (1/1)  2012-04-12