Slate of Candidates Announced

We're just one week away from the beginning of the annual election for the IGO Board of Directors!  The nomination committee has completed the process of making, taking, and validating nominations, and is happy to present the following candidates for your consideration (alphabetically):

  • 24hawki - Liz M
  • bjcheryl - Blair J
  • borky00 - Bill B
  • cjandbjjones - Curt J
  • Repmul - Steve A

Candidates are invited to indroduce themselves to you in our new forums.  Here's the link.

There are four seats open this year, currently held by bjcheryl and Repmul, who are incumbent candidates, and lagrac and RedheadBasset, who are retiring from the board.

The election will begin at midnight 07 September 2012, and run for two weeks.  The new board members will be seated for their two-year term during our annual meeting, scheduled for 28 September 2012 in Winterset - listed on at GC3VJ8A.  This is the same weekend and vicinity as the Hike-n-Seek event, GC3PMRT.

It is important to note that you will have to update your user profile on this site before you can cast your ballot!  State of Iowa Non-Profit Law requires us to have certain contact information on our membership, and our bylaws define a voting member as being at least 18 years old; and living within Iowa or having successfully petitioned the Board of Directors for voting status if they live outside the state.  Registered members to this site will soon receive instructions for this update, but you may complete the required information by clicking on the "My account" link to the left, in the menu under your username (assuming you're logged in to the site).  From there, click the "Edit" tab, and then the "Profile" tab.  Required fields are marked.