Smileys and Event Logging Etiquette

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“See, what you need to understand is that the difference between attending an event, and logging a find, is like the difference between blapples and bloranges.”


….from a Groundspeak Forum topic about the ethics/etiquette of claiming finds on your own event ‘hides’.  Physical containers are one end of the spectrum.  Events, on the other hand, are a totally different animal for ‘cache owners’.  In other words, events are a blurry subject….if you ‘host’ an event, what is the etiquette for claiming a “find/smiley” on that event???


You do the work and hide a cache container, but it is frowned upon to claim a find on your own “hide”, since YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS.  For events, you do the work and host an event.  Those who show up get a smiley – should you? Using the same logic as a physical hide...the work required to publish a GC# is still ‘work’.  It’s YOUR “hide” that offers a smiley to others that “find” it.  Why should the ‘work’ required to provide an event to your fellow geocachers be any different than the ‘work’ required to place a physical container for others to find?  If it’s YOUR own GC#, I don’t see any difference between events and physical hides….the ethics of both are the same to me – no smiley for your own hides!!  The same theory applies with events….I could put out a quick FM or M&G on a daily/weekly basis just to pump my own numbers….but I must be a dwindling type of cacher.  I don’t care about the numbers, and won’t claim a smiley on any GC# that has my name behind it.  Period.

My “mantra”:

Caching is about the journey, the adventure, and the fun....the smiley is the bonus!!

…and my personal philosophy is not about the smiley…it is truly a bonus under the proper circumstances.  If I found it or attended your event, I’ll log it.  Anything else falls under the ‘journey, adventure, and fun’ part of my philosophy.  I’ve participated in my own hosted AAH CITO events, but they are listed under my own profile.  My personal satisfaction in contributing to that community project/enhancement is good enough for me…I don’t NEED a smiley (e.g. increase in ‘find’ count)…nor do I need to pat myself on the back and add “1” to my numbers.

The strangest thing lately is that I’ve been chastised for NOT claiming a “find” on my own hosted events.  I know this post will open up a Pandora’s Box of replies, but I am darn curious to know what your thoughts are. 

Caching is about the journey, the adventure, and the fun....the smiley is the bonus!!