Spring Cleaning Time - CITO Events

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Well it is that time again – time to do a bit of Spring Cleaning.  So as Geocachers, let’s get out there and help clean up the areas that we use as our playgrounds.  There are several opportunities for us to get out there and help at one of the upcoming CITO (Cache In Trash Out) events.

 Mar 30   GC43V1M     Cummins and Walnut Creek Cleaning
Apr 06    GC47XHX    IGO NW Adopt-A-Highway Spring 2013
Apr 13    GC45W4Q   CITO at 7B
Apr 14    GC46CKZ     Linn Co.'s Adopt-A-Highway Spring 2013 Clean-up
Apr 20    GC44E1P      Earth Day Pay Back
Apr 20    GC4578J     Estherville C.I.T.O.
Apr 20    GC45H41     EARTHDAY CITO, Lee County
Apr 20    GC45XBA    8th Annual 2013 Brushy Creek CITO
Apr 21    GC44V67     Earth Day Park Clean-up
Apr 21    GC45RCP     Twin Elms Needs Some Geo TLC
Apr 21    GC47NEE    Cascade CITO
Apr 27    GC445CV     IGO’s New Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup - Clinton County
May 4     GC4854W    IGO Benton County Spring Clean Up


Whether you are able to attend just one event or you attend several, you help clean up a park or pick up trash along an adopted highway.  Anything that you can to help with the CITO events listed above will be greatly appreciated.