Super Goober and The Weasel score again!

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I have recently discovered the website called "" and took a Sunday morning to listen to an old episode. I heard the name of a cacher from Indiana that was familiar to me, and wondered, "I wonder if I'll ever hear an Iowa geocacher's name mentioned on a podcast.

Voila! Yesterday, I listened to podcacher podcast #420 which celebrated the weekend of the World Wide Flash Mob events. A contest was held in which cachers could submit their name for a drawing for a geocoin or set of pathtags. The participant in the WWFM event whose name was selected would win as well as the host of the event.

My jaw dropped when the show hosts announced that Super Goober was the winner of a geocoin, and he attended an event held by none other than The Weasel!!

Congratulations, fellas! You made my day.