Supporting Member Prize Vault

The IGO Prize Vault is almost empty!!  We need help from our membership to fill the Prize Vault back up again.  So we are going to do something a little bit different for the month of August.  Any IGO member who donates a prize to the Prize Vault will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the Prize Vault.  It does not matter whether you are a Supporting Member or not, anyone that makes a donation to the Prize Vault has a chance to win.  

Starting August 1st and running through August 31st, you can submit a prize to the Prize Vault by using the following link.

Please read carefully on how to donate to the Prize Vault.  Keep in mind, making a donation would mean you will be responsible for seeing that your donated prize is delivered to the prize winner, when your prize is chosen.  This would mean either shipping your item or make arrangements to meet with a prize winner to delivery the donated prize to the winner.  

For all those Members that have donated a prize during the month of August, their name will be entered in to a random drawing that will take place on September 1st.  The winner will then be contacted by someone on the IGO Board of Directors to let them know they can choose a prize from the Prize Vault.

One prize that the IGO is putting in the Prize Vault will be a 1 year IGO Supporting Membership.  Anyone could claim this prize to either renew their Supporting Membership or pass along to another Member that might like to become a Supporting Member.  

So please help us fill up the IGO Prize Vault.

IGO President


Supporting Membership Committee