Tired of the bitchin' and complaining...

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I'm not going to go into detail, but frankly I am tired of the somewhat constant griping about micros, LPC's, PTC's and anything else that people want to complain about.  For the record....I will not purposefully avoid ANY size, ANY type, ANY location, ANY terrain, or ANY difficulty that crosses my caching path.  It's all about the experience, the adventure, the fun, and the JOURNEY in chasing that smiley.  I have no favorite size, icon, container, or D/T - I enjoy chasing ALL of them.  Each have a significant reason to find -- someone took the time to hide it.  And, ALL of them add to the pure joy of what I seek in my quest - not numbers, but the unique voyage where it takes me.  Who wants to discuss/dispute/argue that geocaching philosophy?  In other words, why do YOU cache?

Caching is about the journey, the adventure, and the fun....the smiley is the bonus!!