Wanting to place a cache, but another cache is too close...

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So our church youth group is wanting to place a geocache on the church grounds, but there is another geocache close by that is limiting where we can place one.  The grounds are on a larger side, but there is an ideal spot we'd like to place it, and it falls too close to the other one.  The other cache has absent owners, they haven't cached since 2011, havent been in geocaching.com since March of last year and all their other 7 caches have been archieved by the reviewers because they have needed maintance and the cache owner has not responded.  This is the only one still up in operation because others have replaced the log and no other issues have come up.  Although I do know the cache was to be in a tree and now it's simply on the ground.  

So my question is, is there anyway around this?  Do we simply need to wait until the cache goes missing or needs maintance and then wait for the owner to not respond and then the reviewer to archieve it?  I don't want to be mean about it at all!  If the owner was around and active it'd be a different story, but they're not.  But yet I don't want to "destroy" a cache simply for our benefit.  But if we can, that'd be great :)  And if not, we can find a spot far enough away, it just won't be our ideal spot. 

Just a fyi how this started, I placed 6 temporary caches around our church grounds last week and took our high school group out one night to find them.  The next night I took our middle school kids to find them.  Man they had a blast!  They were good too...although hiding spots weren't the greatest.  I hid a container of all sizes to give them a taste, we also had a mini gps/geocaching lesson.  The kids loved it and got the idea to hide their own on the church grounds.  

Thanks for any help/advice you can give!