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Welcome to the new IGO Forums!  If you're a fan of the 'old' forums, take heart, they are still available at http://forums.iowageocachers.org.  So you can still visit and browse all the content from the old forums, but you can't create new accounts there and you won't be able to post new content there for long.

Instead of continuing an oild conversation in the old forums, I recommend that you capture a link to the convesation of interest and paste it into a new forum topic or comment here.  It's easy.  Here's what you do...

  1. Visit http://forums.iowageocachers.org and find the topic of interest.
  2. When you find the topic of interest examine the address that's showing in your browser's address bar.  Highlight (select) that whole address and copy it to your paste buffer (CTRL-C on any Windows machine).
  3. Come back to the new forums and create a new topic or comment here.
  4. Inside the body of the topic/comment paste (CTRL-V on any Windows machine) the old forum topic address and consider adding some text to explain where that link will take users, and what they will find there.

For example, I've copied and pasted this link (http://forums.iowageocachers.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2819) which points back to a conversation I started some time ago about transitioining to new, 'native' forums.